Best-in-class banking solutions to drive profitability and growth

For banks, navigating a highly competitive marketplace requires accuracy, speed, agility and expertise. Having access to unparalleled data, analytics and technology is critical for determining credit risk, increasing automation, and making better decisions — faster.

For over 30 years, Experian® has partnered with banks of all sizes to enhance opportunities across the customer lifecycle. Our banking solutions and strategies empower you to deliver personalized services to customers, expand financial inclusion, reduce fraud and manage risk, and help you remain compliant.

Let our industry experts help you transform your business with banking solutions and strategies aimed at helping you deliver the experience and products that your customers value.

Transform your business with Experian’s banking solutions

Together we can help your bank drive growth, mitigate risk and help more people get access to the financial services they need.

Expand your customer base

Leverage multidimensional data and analytics to diversify your offerings and increase growth.

Manage risk and ensure compliance

Minimize fraud losses, protect consumers and ensure regulatory compliance.

Transform your business

Enhance the customer experience and streamline operations with digitalization and automation.



Data-driven decisions with Experian

Learn how Experian can help you leverage the power of data and analytics to enable a brighter financial future for all.

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We address evolving and diverse needs across the lifecycle

Tap into our deep expertise and unparalleled resources to empower your bank to achieve its goals.

Chosen leader in the financial services industry

245 million

consumers within our premier credit database


credit data records on businesses


consumer demographic profiles


U.S. credit data accuracy rate

9 of the top 10

financial institutions have Experian in primary position for core consumer credit data


data furnishers provide ongoing updates

Colleagues looking at data and analytics

How Experian helps banks gain a competitive edge:

  • Expand your view of consumers and small businesses with multidimensional data.
  • Enable smarter and quicker decisions through automated decisioning.
  • Protect your business and consumers against fraud.  
  • Build loyalty through personalized financial services.
  • Mitigate portfolio risk and ensure compliance.

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Learn how Experian’s banking solutions can help you

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