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The Electric Vehicle (EV) market continues to expand. New models are being introduced, sales volumes are increasing, and consumer demand continues to surge. As the market continues to grow and evolve, we want to give you critical insights into the rapidly changing EV market. 

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Arm Yourself with the Latest EV Insights

Learn How to Market to the EV Consumer

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Arm Yourself With the Latest EV Insights

Electric Vehicles 2023 Year Review

View a summary of 2023 EV marketplace

  • Percentage of EV on the road
  • EV registrations for the past 12 months
  • Top retail EV make & model
  • EV buyer demographic and psychographic insights
  • Top DMAs/Fastest growing DMAs
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EV Buyers Distance From Dealership

Insights to help marketers improve targeting

Uncover the average distance from dealership for:
  • New, retail EV buyers
  • Used, retail EV buyers
  • How this distance compares to gas, PHEV and hybrid buyers
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Experian Automotive Quarterly Trends Reports

Get the latest trends and analysis in our quarterly reports: State of the Automotive Finance Market, Market Trends, and Consumer Trends. Our data scientists compile the latest data in quarterly reports to bring you the expert analysis and insight you need as a professional in the automotive marketplace.

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In case you missed it.

Get Advanced Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

The Velocity eInsights solution delivers timely and highly-accurate automotive market insights and statistics with clear, data-driven electric vehicle solutions such as market analysis and go-to-market strategies. Dashboards, reports, and analytics provide deep insights to help you understand EV vehicle sales and ownership trends.

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Learn How to Market to the EV Consumer

Buy and Sell Pre-Owned EVs with Confidence

Consumers want transparency and accurate information about pre-owned vehicles, including EVs. Dealers must feel confident when evaluating a trade-in and marketing a pre-owned EV. As part of our AutoCheck vehicle history report solution, we now offer EV battery health information through partner Recurrent, the battery range and analytics company.

EV Current Report

Target the EV Consumer with EV Audiences

The Experian Marketing Engine Syndicated Auto Audience portfolio includes 70+ audiences focused on likely buyers and owners of Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) vehicles. Of Experian’s 750+ syndicated auto audiences, we offer a subset of 28 audiences focused on individual EV/PHEV vehicle models. 

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Additional Insights Powered by the Experian and Recurrent Partnership




The Ever-Evolving EV Market Webinar

Watch for exclusive research on how consumer EV purchase behavior and market segments are changing.

Watch For More Detail About our AutoCheck/Recurrent EV Battery Health Report

NEW! Experian Automotive’s AutoCheck vehicle history report now includes the Recurrent Battery Report for Used electric vehicle’s to help you protect your brand and reputation. 

Experian Automotive Brings Transparency to the electric vehicle buying process with Recurrent Alliance. 

How good is that battery in that electric vehicle trade-in?

How is the used electric vehicle battery health actually measured?


Learn More About Our EV Data and Insights

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