Prevent Automotive Fraud

Prevent and detect fraud to minimize losses

Reduce fraud losses

Fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem for the automotive industry and growing. With the shift to online car buying and emerging fraud threats, the need for fraud solutions is greater than ever. Experian Automotive has industry-leading solutions to help auto dealers and lenders quickly and accurately verify identities and detect fraud risk.

Protect against common types of auto fraud

Synthetic identity fraud

Synthetic identity fraud is when fraudsters use a combination of real and fake information to finance a vehicle.

First-party fraud

First-party fraud is when a person knowingly misrepresents their identity or gives false information while financing a vehicle.

Third-party fraud

Generally known as identity theft, this is when fraudsters use someone else’s identity without their knowledge to finance a vehicle.

Detect fraud without hurting the customer experience

Provide a seamless process that will protect both your business and your customers.

Auto fraud prevention solutions

Fraud Protect™ for Auto Dealers

Now available!

  • A secure, customer and mobile-friendly process that uses selfies and document comparison to validate identities.
  • Predictive fraud scores are calculated based on credit history, recent identity verification submissions and more.
  • Integrates directly with your dealership CRM for real-time decision making.
  • Artificial intelligence provides fradulent activity alerts with easy-to-understand icons and scores.

Hunter Automotive Fraud Alliance© for Auto Lenders

Coming soon!

  • A collaborative data network for auto finance companies to share historical and real-time fraud intelligence.
  • Auto finance applications are checked against the shared fraud network and multiple other data sources to detect fraud.
  •  Fraud scores indicate the risk levels of each application to better inform underwriting decisions.
  •  Reduce false positives and focus on the highest-risk applications with flexible referral, scoring and prioritization.

Verify identities and predict fraud

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