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While agency marketing and media placement has become more complicated over recent years, there are ways to use today’s advancements in data solutions to make the process easier and more effective. Whether you are working on behalf of an OEM or dealers, it’s important to understand available data solutions that allow for more precise, strategic auto marketing campaigns.

At Experian Automotive, we’ve spent years compiling the best data-driven marketing solutions uniquely focused on the automotive market. We call these solutions the Experian Marketing Engine™ (EME).

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OEM Agency

Tier 1 Agencies & Media Groups

The Experian Marketing Engine for OEMs offers marketing solutions to help OEM marketers and their agencies identify the right audience, uncover the most appropriate communication channels, develop messages that resonate, and measure marketing effectiveness.

Dealer Agency

Tier 2 and 3 Agencies & Media Groups

The Experian Marketing Engine for dealer agencies creates effective audiences and develops messages that resonate using automotive data insights to deploy effective, measurable strategies unique to a client’s Designated Market Area (DMA®)*.


*DMA is a registered service mark of the Nielsen Company.


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OEM Marketing Resources

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Automotive Perspective

Using Data Insights to Drive Measurable OEM Marketing Strategies

Identity Resolution

Helping Marketers Deliver Personalized Communications for Life


Understand your customer before choosing your audience


Automotive audience choices are key to ever-changing strategies

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