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Experian Automotive clients leverage our world-class automotive data intelligence to better understand their markets, manage risk, market to the right customers, and keep them coming back. We focus on helping automotive dealers, OEMs, lenders, ad agencies, and the aftermarket drive actionable results. We are the only primary source of consumer, credit, vehicle, and digital identity data assets under one roof. From AutoCheck® Vehicle History Reports to market reporting and advanced marketing solutions, we use our unique data and advanced analytics to help the automotive industry keep moving forward. Choose your area of focus to get started.

Automotive Quarterly Trends

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Automotive Marketing Solutions

When market growth is limited, acquiring new share is essential to your business success. That’s why we created the most sophisticated automotive marketing services available in the market today.

We harness the power of the highest-quality vehicle, credit, demographic, transactional and behavioral resources - all under one roof.  This data powers our scalable, easy-to-use solutions which help you win in the competitive automotive marketplace.

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Vehicle History

A vehicle has a history the first day you drive it off the lot. AutoCheck is the industrial strength vehicle history report that Consumers, Dealers, Lenders, Auto Auctions and more rely on every day to buy and sell with greater confidence.

Vehicle Market Statistics

From the number of vehicles on the road, to what vehicles people are buying - where and from whom - to what consumers are demanding and why. We have the most current and actionable vehicle market data.

Credit Services

Our automotive credit products help you to better interpret a consumer’s automotive credit application, manage, and monitor the health of your portfolio, improve collection strategies, and guard against fraud.

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Driver's Privacy Protection Act

Understanding Uses

Information on driver's privacy protection act (DPAA) and regulated uses.